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Globe Valves

Globe Valves are part of the linear motion valve family and resemble a globe with a plug-type disc. These valves are excellent for both turn off/on and throttling capabilities. Similar to the gate valve, the globe valve’s disc moves up unobstructed to allow the flow of media. However, globe valves are a preferred valve option […]

Check Valves

Check Valves, also known as non-return valves, rely on internal pressure to open and close, rather than an outside action. The primary function of a check valve is to prevent backflow. Using check valves offers several advantages, including their simple design, which makes them easy to use and maintain. They also do not require any […]

Plug Valves

Plug Valves are part of the quarter-turn valve family and are named for their tapered end, which resembles a plug or cylinder. The disc acts as a bubble-tight shut-off and on mechanism, and the opening and closing mechanism is similar to that of a ball valve. One of the primary advantages of plug valves is […]

Butterfly Valves

Butterfly Valves is also part of the quarter turn valve family. What makes butterfly valve distinct from the other valves is the flat to a concave disc that attaches to the valve stem. Positioned in the middle of the valve with the stem bored into it or attached at one side, the disc blocks media flow […]

Basic & Detail Engineering

An industrial plant-engineering project must be considered alive and evolving from its conceptualization up to its operation start up.  Furthermore, basic mechanical engineering must interpret and ensure client’s requirement throughout the project lifecycle and provide an agile and reliable interface with other players of the project (owner, contractors, suppliers). Engineering works must ease an optimum plant construction […]

Process Engineering

Whether object of study or design is focused on equipment, systems or facilities, the fact of counting with a deep process perspective allow Elite to deliver comprehensive technical solutions along the life cycle of industrial assets , where defining and understanding of process requirements is a must. Elite’s process engineering capabilities comprise the following knowledge areas […]

Equipment Engineering

Elite provides full engineering and design services around heat transfer, process and static equipment, ranging from process specification up to detailed drawings. Pressure Vessels Heat Exchangers Reactors, Columns and Towers Tanks Elite delivers advanced equipment engineering services to equipment suppliers, EPC contractors and Plant Owners. Previous Next Process Data Sheet Process Simulation Basic Engineering Thermal […]

Piping Engineering

Piping Design is a critical component of engineering projects and process plants. The science of piping engineering involves developing efficient piping processes that safely transport fluids and gases across industrial plants. Optimally designed piping system can enhance the use of space, ease its construction, simplify maintenance and accessibility and improve the overall performance of piping […]

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