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Check Valves

Check Valves, also known as non-return valves, rely on internal pressure to open and close, rather than an outside action. The primary function of a check valve is to prevent backflow.

Using check valves offers several advantages, including their simple design, which makes them easy to use and maintain. They also do not require any human intervention, which can save time and effort. Moreover, check valves are highly effective in preventing backflow, making them an essential tool in various industries. They can also be used as a backup system in case of a failure in the primary valve system.

Check valves are commonly used in applications where backflow prevention is crucial, such as pumps and compressors. Feed pumps in steam boilers often utilize check valves, and they are also widely used in chemical and power plants for various processes. Moreover, when there is a combination of gases in one pipeline, check valves are an excellent option to prevent backflow.


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