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Gate Valves

Gate Valves belong to the family of shut off/on valves, and what sets them apart is their unique linear disc movement. The disc in a gate valve can either be gate or wedge-shaped, which provides an effective shut-off and on mechanism. These valves are primarily used for isolation purposes, and while they can be used as throttling valves, it is not recommended as media vibration can damage the disc. The surge of the media can also cause damage to the disc when gate valves are used half-closed in a throttling application.

There are several advantages to using gate valves. Firstly, there is no media flow resistance since the gate does not obstruct the flow when fully opened. Secondly, they can be used in bi-directional flows. Thirdly, they have a simple design, making them easy to use and maintain. Lastly, they are suitable for pipes with large diameters, which makes them highly versatile.

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