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Ball Valves

Ball Valves belong to the quarter turn valve family, and their unique feature is the ball-shaped disc that controls the flow of media by either stopping or starting it. One of the advantages of using a ball valve is its speed, as it only requires a quarter turn to open or close.

There are several benefits to using a ball valve. Firstly, it has excellent shut on/off capability. Secondly, it experiences minimal leakage due to wear and tear if used correctly. Thirdly, it has a low maintenance cost. Fourthly, it has minimal pressure drop, which makes it highly efficient. Lastly, it is time and labor-effective to operate.

Ball valves are appropriate for applications involving fluid, gaseous, and vapor media that require a bubble-tight shut-off. Although primarily used for low-pressure applications, high-pressure and high-temperature applications can also utilize ball valves with metal seats.

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